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1st Sunday shoot – 9/03/23

Work Day – Saturday, September 2, 2023 – 8:00 am – 11:00 am
Shoot day, Sunday, September 3, 2023 – Registration 7:00 am – 11:00 am
Courses closed to non-members at 1:00 pm

News and Reminders:

  • As the hunting season approaches, more members are getting ready which for some means checking their set up broadheads. This is a reminder that there is only one range you are permitted to shoot your broadheads on and that is The Broadhead Range. All members should be familiar with its location but for those who aren’t or have forgotten – its to the left as you enter the quarry range. There is a sign. We have found a couple broadhead tipped arrows on the target side (where the bags are located) and this can’t be. We do not want to eliminate shooting broadheads at Wapiti all together, but we can’t have members shooting them wherever they like. They have already destroyed a few of the bag targets this year and we are asking for members to please follow the rules you agreed to. This also includes shooting your own target with broadheads. It must be done only on The Broadhead Range. Anyone caught shooting broadheads on either 3D course will be asked to leave and your membership will be terminated without refund. 

  • Now for some better news. Improvements around the club grounds will continue throughout the fall as we focus most of our attention on improving the quarry area. The fallen sycamore tree has been removed from the far end of the quarry and clean up on either side is next. New target hangers are being built to replace the old, shot up ones we have now. Five new 48 x 48 inch Bow-na-fide targets have been purchased for the range and should be in place mid-September. The new arrangement will be targets at 10 through 60 yards down either side of the range. One side new bags and the other side the Bow-na-fide targets. We had a chance to shoot these targets this year and we feel these will give the members lots of area to shoot without shooting out the centers. They are very durable and should last a good while. We are making a significant investment in targets this year for the quarry as many of the members only shoot there. As far as the 3D courses, we haven’t forgotten them either. This year we have purchased over 40 new 3D targets to add to our already sizeable inventory. This means more variety and targets that are fresh. We will continue to cycle through the targets and change the courses monthly or as needed. As we mentioned already, a lot of the membership is preparing for the upcoming hunting season so we are setting up the Red course for this month’s open shoot with all deer targets. The upper Red course will have 15 deer targets for this shoot while the lower White course will still have a variety of different (including deer) targets. So tell your hunting buddies to come out and get ready to shoot some deer.

  • One last thing to mention, we are ordering new long-sleeved Wapiti T-shirts again this fall and, as we never seem to get enough but don’t want to order more than necessary, let us know at the next shoot if you would like to order one or two shirts. We will have a price per shirt at the next shoot if you are interested. Let us know as the long-sleeves sold out in a few weeks last time.  

That’s it for this month. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for September 3rd pre-hunting season deer shoot!
Thanks for all your cooperation.

Doug Bruestle
White Course Director