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1st Sunday Shoot 2/4/24
1-Workday Saturday 2/3/24 8am - 11am
2-Shoot day Sunday 2/4/24
 Registration 7:am - 11:am
 Courses close to non- members @ 1:pm
3- IMPORTANT: This is the last open shoot before the lock will be changed on the front gate and 2023 membership ends. Renewals will be taken at Sundays shoot and by request at Saturdays work party. After Sunday the next sign up for 2024 membership will be at the next open shoot or by appointment on a Saturday.

News: Work continues on the overhead protection down on the quarry range and a big thank you to all who came out to help on not such a nice day. And a huge thanks to Steve Klosterman for his leadership in getting this project (and plenty of others around the club) taken care of.
You will see some changes in the course (red- upper) over the next month or so (after this months shoot) as we change direction on a couple of lanes and eliminate others. This is to give us room to remove some of the problem trees that need to come down. The course will be marked where needed. One last thing to mention for this month, and it’s not a wide spread problem fortunately at the club but
could the moron that is shooting arrows into trees for no reason stop? Not only does it make zero sense, it is a danger to others that could be down range of your stupidity. Grow up.
Hopefully asking nicely as I have will be enough. Everyone enjoy the club and the changes that are planned.
Doug Bruestle
White Course Director