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1st Sunday Shoot 12/3/23
1- Work Day Saturday 12/2/23

2- Shoot Day Sunday 12/3/23
Registration 7:00am-11:00am
Courses close to non-members at 1:00pm

3-Notice: Board of Directors Meeting Called
Saturday 12/2/23 7:00am - before work day
If you are on the Board of Directors @ Wapiti we are asking that you make every attempt to attend this meeting as we have a few items of urgency to vote on. Votes will be taken with those in attendance.

News:The new targets have been out in the quarry now for a couple weeks and the feedback has been all positive. Plans and funds are being set aside for 5 more of the same to replace the remaining bag targets on the far right of the quarry. Work continues on the overhead protection and will be completed as time allows.
The walking courses have been reduced to 15 targets each for the winter and remain at 30 total till early spring. Targets will still be changed and shooting stakes moved around to create different shooting experience month to month.Over the winter months you may see changes in the red course as we reconfigure some of the lanes to allow more options and variety on the red half. Also there are a number of trees we plan to bring down as we care for the property. These “falls” usually take place early Saturday mornings as to not interrupt member access to the courses. Be aware of signs that would be posted at the start of either course of closure due to work.
At Wapiti it is not uncommon to come across arrows that members/guests have lost or simply left behind. If you find an arrow or two that don’t belong to you, please leave it outside the clubhouse door….intact. Please leave the components (points, inserts, nocks) with the arrow. This isn’t a big deal but seems to be a trend of “stripped” arrows being left in the quarry and out on the courses.

Finally for this month, if you have any interest in an informal 3D or Target competition at Wapiti, or if you hate the idea let me know your thoughts through email at: (dougbruestle@comcast.net) Pros and cons will be considered before any decision is made. Again this would be an informal/fun 3D or (and) Target competition for members of Wapiti Archers only to enjoy.
Enjoy the upcoming Christmas season and come out and shoot.
Thank you, 
Doug Bruestle 
White Course Director