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Shoot day Sunday 10/2/2022

1) Work day Saturday 10/1/22 8am till ?
2) Shoot day Sunday 10/2/22 registration 7am till 11am, course closes to non-members at 1pm

We are repeating this FAR too often. 1) The front gate continues to be an issue as far as being LOCKED. It's easy, you Lock it immediately after you enter and Lock it immediately after you exit. 2) Broadheads being shot at the Animal targets on the courses continues to be an issue. The past 15 months have been a physical and financial nightmare. We don't need some unethical and disrespectful members ( who I'm sure are few in number) destroying expensive targets when there are provided opportunities in the Quarry. Please Stop this practice. Again, if you See something please Say something. ​