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1st Sunday Shoot 5/5/24
 1-work day Saturday 5/4/24

 2-Shoot Day Sunday 5/5/24
 Registration 7am-11am
 Courses close to non-members at 1pm

 3- No business meeting planned for May so memberships will be taken at First Sunday Shoot 5/5/24 and on Saturday mornings throughout May*
 *Saturday sign ups are between 7-9am and must be scheduled ahead of time.( We need to know you are coming as the front gate will be locked).

News: We are in the process of removing dead trees that are still standing from both courses and clean up from these projects is ongoing. Please excuse the mess but we are just about there…for now. Most of these trees were damaged in the tornado a few years back and never recovered so unfortunately they must come down. This is part of our agreement to be stewards of the property. We will be planting some new trees very soon on both halves of the walking courses, and a small grove of trees is planned for the white course where we have had to remove so many, down by the old stand. As there are no pine trees on the property we are hoping to plant a grove of pines and the rest will be nut bearing trees to support the wildlife that live on the property. Grass seed will be spread soon in some of the areas that have gotten torn up in the tree removals.
We have also reached our 40 target total (20 on white + 20 on red) for the 3D courses, and that will be the total till late fall. Changes will still be made month to month but the total will stay at 40. Wapiti is one of the only clubs that has 40 target 3D where the targets are out 24/7 - 365 days a year for the membership. We have recently purchased some new targets again from Big Shot targets and we are planning another target purchase in July from Rinehart. This to provide a new and diverse course layout month by month. Every dime received by the club through memberships and donations goes back into making the club better for the members. Thank you.
Doug Bruestle
Wapiti President and White course Director