[1]  No Alcoholic Beverages are permitted on the   
      premises.   This is a PA State Park. All PA   
      Department of Conservation & Natural Resources   
      rules and regulations are in effect and enforced in   
      accordance with those posted on the website   
      http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/ . A copy of   
      these rules and regulations will be available for   
      viewing by all members / participants at the club   
2]   Membership Cards must be worn and visible at all times when on the club premises.
       It is your right and responsibility as a Member to police the club premises. The    
      Membership Card is official proof that a person belongs on the grounds. If a person is   
      found on the property not wearing a membership card, politely request him or her to   
      produce the card while in you presence or leave the property. If there is resistance to   
      your request, take their vehicle’s license plate number and report it to the Secretary as   
      soon as possible.

[3]   No Guests are permitted without prior approval by a Club Officer.

[4]   No Hunting is permitted on the premises. ***

[5]   No Cross Bows are permitted on the 3D Courses. ***
       Cross Bows are permitted to be shot in the quarry at the practice targets only.

[6]   No Broad Heads are permitted on the 3D Courses. ***
       Broad Heads are permitted to be shot in the quarry at a targets designed for broad  
        heads and set up in a designated area. (Broad Head Targets are only set up from   
       August to January). 

[7]   All Family Members, 15 years old and under, entering the premises under a “Family   
       Membership”, must be accompanied by an adult.

[8]  Memberships are valid until the first Sunday in February of the following year.

*** - Any violation of these rules will result in immediate termination of membership