2022 Archery Public Shoot Schedule

3-D SHOOTS (30 Targets minimum) held the 1st Sunday of every month and the 5th Sunday for the months of January, May, July, and October.

Registration for all the shoot dates is from 7:00am to 11:00am.
The fees to shoot are as follows:
*  Adults ----- $10 per person
*  Kids ages 12 to16 ----- $5 per person
*  Kids under 11 ----- Free 

These shoots are for longbow, recurve and compound bow archers. No crossbows are allowed on the 3-D courses.

Non-members should be off of the course by 1PM.

Any shoot may be cancelled due to extreme weather or dangerous course conditions. Please call the club house the day of the shoot at 215-542-1216 as early as 7:00am or contact Vaughn Adams (Secretary) at 484-390-1270 for information prior to the day of the shoot.

 The shoot dates for 2022 are as follows:
January 2                                 July 3
January 30 (*)                           July 31 (*)
February 6                                August 7
March 6                                    September 4
April 3                                       October 2
May 1                                       October 30 (*)
May 29 (*)                                November 6
June 5                                      December 4  

(*)  Designates date as a 5th Sunday Shoot
Work Parties
Work Parties are scheduled for the Saturday before each 1st Sunday of the month public 3D shoot from 8:00am to 12noon.  Additional work parties will be scheduled as required.  Times will change during the colder months to take advantage of the warmer mid-day temperatures and accommodate hunters.  In both cases, members will be informed of additional work parties and time changes through the emailing of the Wapiti Archers Newsletter. 

The work party dates are as follows:
January 1                            July 2
January 29                          July 30
February 5                          August 6
March 5                              September 3
April 2                                 October 1
April 30                               October 29
May 28                               November 5
​June 4                                December 3

Business Meetings

Business Meetings are scheduled for Wednesday evenings after the 1st Sunday of the month shoots.  The meeting is held at the Wapiti clubhouse from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

The business meeting dates are as follows:

January 5                            July 6
February 9                          August 10
March 9                              September 7
April 6                                 October 5
May 4                                 November 9 (Officer Nominations)
June 8                                December 7 (Officer Elections)